Sartorio Napoli

Kiton is introducing a brand of clothing that can best be classified as Kiton Light.  The company’s Sartorio Napoli label is intended as “a stepping stone from Ermenegildo Zegna to Kiton,” says Kiton chief executive Antonio De Matteis. The label is designed for a younger businessman who isn’t quite ready to spend upwards of $7,000 for a ready-made Kiton suit but anyway want to have elegant luxury suit. 

A Sartorio Napoli suit is priced much less than Kiton, but it is clearly not for the masses. “When a man wears Sartorio Napoli he starts to wear a handmade garment,” says De Matteis, noting that the suit is mostly tailor made with the exception of a few key areas, including parts of the shoulders and collar.  Now made in the same Naples, Italy, factory as Kiton, the Sartorio Napoli suit is cut slightly trimmer and constructed from fine cotton, cashmere, and wool rather than the rare blends used to produce the completely handmade, higher-priced label.  “With Kiton, the style is the man,” says De Matteis. “With Sartorio Napoli, the style is the suit.”