Serapian is one of the few luxury brands able to combine traditional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Its unique collections for men and women are the true expression of the authentic Made in Italy. Founded by Stefano Serapian in 1945, Serapian bags are present all over the world in the most prestigious department stores and fashion boutiques.

From the moment you clap eyes on Serapian’s exquisitely crafted bags, it’s difficult not to be overcome with strong feeling of admiration. Your gaze lingers delightedly on the perfect geometry of the designs, the elegant hardware and the penny logo, the brand’s signature detail on its zip pulls formed of founder Stefano Serapian’s initials. And then there’s the label’s finely crafted leathers – they take your breath away.

No one does leather quite like the Italians, and one would wager that no one uses the material quite as well as Serapian. It has had more than 70 years to perfect its approach, its honed artistry and craftsmanship evident immediately in the nuances of the leathers it has created – the bold weave of the Mosaico, the subtlety of the Stepan with its interlinking S design, and the unbridled elegance of the Evolution calfskin. Made in Italy is the Brand’s true strength: from the choice of leather to the development of models, everything takes place in Italy, in order to ensure that every phase of production is carefully monitored.