“Moreschi footwear is unique; it is a pleasure which gives you satisfaction with every step.

It has taken 70 years of history to reach this level”.

G.B. Moreschi.

From celebrities, to dignitaries and world leaders, Moreschi is worn by the world's elite and has become one of the world's most celebrated Italian shoe brands. Since 1948 Moreschi’s factory in Italy has been producing the finest men's luxury shoes, apparel and accessories. All processes, from design to cutting and sewing of leather components to packaging and shipping, are strictly conducted within the company. Each pair is subject to a high number of operations, carried out by expert shoemakers both by hand and with the use of modern machinery.

The fine construction, superb materials, and old style craftsmanship which has been married to new world technology, have turned Moreschi into a household name to discerning customers who know and celebrate great footwear. There is quality and there is a level above it, and that is the level of Moreschi.

With beautiful collections that include the ever popular driving shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, and formal shoes, Moreschi knows each facet of a man's life and has been producing the footwear to provide a life in the endless refinement and style. Explore the beautiful craftsmanship and timelessness of the Moreschi line. And remember - once you test drive a Moreschi you'll never be the same!!