Moorer is an Italian brand that founded itself on luxurious performance outerwear.

With a long tradition in luxury outwear production, Moorer masterpieces fight snow and cold with down, fur and waterproof fabrics. Moorer designers mastered the translation of simple ideas into finished products with a functional value. Inspiration that comes from famous Italian artists is shown in these pieces as a harmony of shapes, while the choice of materials gives them additional value.

Keeping warm and dry when jumping over slush is definitely a challenge. Trying to combine that with sophistication and style is almost an unimaginable combination. Combination that can be found in Moorer, a really breakthrough outwear brand. Moorer outerwear jackets work just as well over a casual outfit as over a suit. For men who like to be protected from the elements without sacrificing an inch of luxury, Moorer is a name to watch.