Luxury Sportswear casually trumps the suit. As dress codes in the workplace continue to ease up, the race is on to find a comfortable alternative to the conventional suit, and today the most respected and established Italian design houses see sportswear as the best solution.

Even high-end fabric and suit makers have been quick to see the business potential of sportswear. The shining example is Kired, the finest sportswear and casual outwear brand with Kiton design and fashion. Kiton which is widely regarded as a master designer of luxurious suits for men created Kired for demanding gentlemen seeking comfort and high fashion in all their clothing including sportswear.

Genius and passion are the elements that distinguish Spring-Summer 2017 Kired collection made with the finest fabrics and leathers.  Stunning leather suede jackets; trendy & perfectly cut sports jackets; versatile light wool jackets with many useful pockets, perfect on  weekends and travels; elegant coats, reversible into raincoats if it's raining, perfect for spring days; a new concept of wind jackets, an authentic variation of Kiton tailoring sportswear par excellence, wool and silk combined to provide protection against wind and water; stylish blousons cotton treated to grant wind and rain protection with many useful pockets,  perfect on travel or free time,  are  an ideal choice and best compliment to the wardrobe of the impeccable gentleman.