Hugh Parsons

The Hugh Parsons Company was founded by Hugh Edward Lancelot Parsons and his wife Gladys in Regent Street, London in 1925 as a manufacturer of silk ties and accessories. During his time in the military Parsons developed a predilection for the officer's uniforms along with their accessories - this passion turned into a business and also a highly respected name: the company established itself as one of the leading businesses in its field and was soon represented throughout Europe as well as overseas.

Through its name, the brand Hugh Parsons has always been associated with quality, elegance and British tradition. Since 1998, these qualities have further manifested themselves in the specially created fragrance line for the modern man who is obviously a gentleman and follower of tradition.

Naming the fragrance line after prominent London locations, Hugh Parsons is a quintessentially English brand that keeps its roots in longstanding traditions.