Italy is worldwide-famous as a cradle of art and handcraft. From the moment the spark of enlightened thinking brought Europe out of the Dark Ages to create the Renaissance, Florence has been the benchmark for creativity and perfection of artistry. Nowadays Florentine artisans are famous for, above all, the way they can work fine leather and skins into an expression of modern-day masterpieces. It is not then surprising to find out that one of Italy’s most renowned leather companies, that is Gallotti, is located just 20 km far away from Florence.

Brothers Francesco and Orlando Gallotti started their own leatherwear company in the early 1970s after working as master tailors for many years. The Gallottis' expertise and fine craftsmanship enabled them to create superior-quality leather jackets and clothing for men. Now with Francesco’s son Giovanni at the helm, Gallotti continues to turn out some of the most highly regarded leather, shearling coats, and other outerwear available on the market today. Based outside of Florence, Gallotti employs 50 artisans in its 11,000-square-foot facility, and combines state-of-the-art techniques like laser cutting with an Old World reverence for materials.

Since the early ’70s, Gallotti’s outerwear has been prized for the way it combines the best materials with the techniques and fit of fine Italian tailoring. The new Autumn-Winter 2017/18 collection perfectly illustrates this: check out exceptionally well made leather jackets of various models and colors made of superb quality leather with a lot of design details.