Dolce Punta

Pescara, Italy is the birthplace of the famous Dolcepunta tie. Carefully handcrafted from finest silk with handsome colors and intricate patterns, Dolcepunta ties allow men to complete their classy styles with a dashing modernistic charm. Unlike a typical necktie made from three pieces of silk, Dolcepunta distinctive Soft Point ties are constructed from four pieces sewn strategically at the neck to prevent the tie from stretching. Crucial to the design is the precise weight of the silk fabric—from 2.8 ounces to 4.4 ounces—to ensure that the excess folding doesn’t add to the weight of the tie.

"Seven-fold neckwear" which is made from fabric that is folded seven times has become the new measure of quality. But Dolcepunta designer Rolando Scapellato has surpassed the industry standard by developing the first 11-fold necktie, an achievement that is particularly impressive because he accomplished it without increasing the amount of silk, which would add weight and bulk to the tie."

Rolando Scapellato also developed the innovative soft point tip that prevents the tie from stretching, allowing your tie to last longer. Dolcepunta ties bring your wardrobe to life with exquisite Italian taste, precision and artistic expertise.