Dalmine is one of the most prestigious Italian knitwear brands. It creates garments through an artisanal manufacturing process, making use of sophisticated and high-quality materials, to ensure uniqueness and perfection to the final product. The company’s experience results in a meticulous attention to details and finishes that distinguishes each piece of Dalmine collections. The accuracy in selecting and manufacturing raw materials gives to the garments a unique elegance, enhanced by the classic and inimitable luxury of Made in Italy.

Dalmine has always been true to a single basic theme: how to combine tradition and innovation. It experiments new wefts and processes in new 2017 Spring Summer collection using the most sophisticated technologies going, adapting contemporary classic taste and glamour to great success for your Pleasure of Feel, Comfort, Style and Elegance. 

Dalmine short-sleeved summer jumpers made of pure cotton and silk are classic, yet always in fashion, and perfect for layering on a hot summer day. Highly sought after by those who appreciate comfort and ease of wear, a Dalmine jumper is always a great choice. Visit Sartorial Menswear salons to view our selection of Dalmine jumpers or buy it online.