We offer custom classic suits that ensure uncompromising cut and fine quality to keep the owner looking his best. Following the contours of the body with exact precision, custom suit allows its owner to move freely and comfortably. Gorgeous, fitted jackets have beautiful Italian nuances such as contrasting under-collars, silk linings and breast pocket inner-linings.

Each and every suit is made using traditional tailoring processes combined with modern technology resulting in an impeccable fit, finely crafted construction and attention to detail. Luxury itself has been redefined with each and every detail that completes a suit being finely accentuated – special attention has been paid to details such as contrast linings, pipings and hand stitches wherever possible.

Custom suit is a garment of unsurpassable elegance. Every proportion, every detail, and stitch creates an impeccable image. This is a suit in perfect union with its owner’s body.

Cloth Selection
Browse through 5,000+ fabrics from the finest mills sourced from the UK, Italy and all over the world.
Perfect Fit
We take full body measures and your suit is tailored considering your body shape, height and weight in order to ensure the perfect fit.
Choose Style
Select fit, design, number of pockets and style, number of buttons, monogram,
lapel size & style, and jacket vents.
Finest Quality
We provide clothes of the finest quality in terms of fabrics and craftsmanship. We guarantee that your suit will fit you better and is more lightweight, comfortable, and longer lasting than ever before.
Our customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, we build it the way you want it.
Your Personal Stylist
Your stylist will personally guide you through the entire Sartorial experience, from design to delivery and fitting.