Made-to-measure shirts are created to match your individual measures and constitutional peculiarities. Certain details of tailoring simply cannot be achieved with ready-to-wear apparel: armholes are smaller in size and get set a little higher for further freedom of movements, the collar, sleeves and the broadness of the shirt are cut individually in precise accordance with the customer’s build and their personal preferences.

A made-to-measure shirt fits you perfectly complimenting your figure like no ready-to-wear garment ever would. It is specially designed to facilitate your every move. The sleeve length is just ideal, and your shirt will never stick out of your pants while you are sitting or leaning down. This is the shirt that harmonizes perfectly with your body. The immaculate fit and modeling aside, it is the miniature details that bring out the exquisiteness of made-to-measure shirts. Additional pockets, a peculiar collar shape, an embroidered personal initials will add a unique and highly personal touch to your garment.

Our summer shirts are made of the natural fabrics with an incredibly pleasant feel: cotton, linen and silk. Light and soft, our wicking cloths will provide unbelievable comfort on a hot day. Take advantage of our special offer and you will surely see this for yourself!

Cloth Selection
Only the best natural fabrics are selected for custom-made shirts, luxurious 2-ply Sea Island & Egyptian cottons and superb blends of cotton/silk/linen.
Perfect Fit
Our shirts are specifically tailored for you considering your measures and the shape of your body. As a result, they fit perfectly.
Choose Style
Select fit, design, number of pockets and style, monogram,
type of cuff & collar.

Finest Quality
With impeccable cut and construction, custom shirt fits and flatters your frame perfectly. This is a shirt in perfect union with your body.
Craft a unique personal message or initials and we will monogram it on a shirt sleeve to make your shirt truly one of a kind.
Your Personal Stylist
Your stylist will personally guide you through the entire Sartorial experience, from design to delivery and fitting.