Sartorial sponsors the Men’s Conference №1
25 May 2016


Men’s conference N1 convened peers, experts, and thought leaders to discuss hot-button issues and emerging trends, giving the opportunity to more than 1000 businessmen learn practical business strategies, hear real-life case studies from leading companies, network with experts and peers facing similar challenges, in order to be better prepared for what lies ahead.

Top marketers and business coaches, such as the most titled Russian business coach Radislav Gandapas, producer and owner of Black Star music label Pavel Kurianov, famous networking expert Gil Petersil and others, offered insights on how to keep brands consistent, make networking, manage different aspects of business etc.

The Conference managed to create a unique, enterprise-wide perspective that helped business leaders make the right strategic decisions every day. And Sartorial elegant garments helped participants create the stylish image of a real businessman and impeccable gentleman.

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