7 March 2016

Walk into next season like a real gentleman: add that special Italian touch to your wardrobe with the new Luigi Bianchi Mantova collection.

Autumn-Winter 2016-17 collection from Luigi Bianchi Mantova is about high-quality, exclusive fabrics, perfect fit and impeccable cuts. For the new season Luigi Bianchi Mantova continues its ongoing research on fabrics and fits. The AW 2016-17 collection’s main themes are movement, luxury and the exploration of softness and lightness. The movement comes with three-dimensional textures (including bouclé and frisé fabrics), while softness and lightness is all about extra-light weight styles, and luxury is seen through the best quality fabrics (innovative mix of wool, silk and cashmere).

The new Lubiam collection is distinguished by a classic tailoring taste, which is both sophisticated and discreet. It includes a vast variety of formal suits and iconic lounge jackets made of alpaca wool, merino wool, cashmere and silk. Lubiam chic dark-blue and silver-gray S’150 and S’130 woolen suits with deep-blue or flower-patterned silk lining are what stands out most in this line. A prominent feature of the new Autumn-Winter 2016-17 collection are the original grey, blue and dark blue coats made of wool and angora, with silk linings, perfect for winter time.

The collection also includes a wide range of tuxedos in classic black colors.

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