Lubiam 1911 Cerimonia Spring-summer 2016 Collection
26 May 2016


The new Spring-Summer 2016 collection has grown organically from the awareness that values and traditions are the new luxury of our times. The result is an elegant, yet relaxed style with an impeccable cut, an expression of true individuality.

The new collection includes a vast variety of formal suits and iconic lounge jackets made of lightweight wool, cotton, linen and silk. Our chic dark-blue and silver-gray S’150 and S’130 summer woolen suits with deep-blue or flower-patterned silk lining are what stands out most in this line.

A prominent feature of Spring-Summer 2016 collection are the original dark blue textured suit jackets made of wool, silk and linen, electric blue checkered jackets and gray-blue checkered 100% silk jackets, as well as our intense turquoise colored 100% silk jackets, perfect for summertime. The shirt collection is resolutely modern and elegant. The fabrics are fine and luxurious: cotton, linen and silk.

The range of accessories includes belts in different shades made by hand from the highest quality alligator skin.

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