Made To Measure

Sartorial is one of the most respected names in men’s custom tailored clothing, recognized for superior fabrics, meticulous hand-tailoring and quality which are hard to find nowadays. Our aim is to provide clothes that are made of the finest quality in terms of fabrics and craftsmanship; garments that can be used with confidence for a long period of time because of their unique construction.

Sartorial invites you to appreciate the fine art of individual tailoring, as we offer the largest choice of options available in a tailored suit, shirt, jacket, coat and shoes as well. Sartorial works with famous Italian brands such as CASTANGIA, LUIGI BIANCHI MANTOVA, MORESCHI, DOLCE PUNTA and others, known for painstaking hand-work and unparalleled craftsmanship resulting in an impeccable cut, finely crafted construction and attention to detail – the final result is perfect tailoring and an extraordinary fit.

Cloth Selection
Browse through 5,000+ fabrics from the finest mills sourced from the UK, Italy and all over the world.
Perfect Fit
We take full body measures and your suit is tailored considering your body shape, height and weight in order to ensure the perfect fit.
Choose Style
Select fit, design, number of pockets and style, number of buttons, monogram,
lapel size & style, and jacket vents.
Finest Quality
We provide clothes of the finest quality in terms of fabrics and craftsmanship. We guarantee that your suit will fit you better and is more lightweight, comfortable, and longer lasting than ever before.
Our customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, we build it the way you want it.
Your Personal Stylist
Your stylist will personally guide you through the entire Sartorial experience, from design to delivery and fitting.