1-31 October
Special Offer
1 June 2017


Slipping into a custom-made suit is simply the ultimate in dressing sensations-a thrill that could be compared with the thrill of slipping behind the wheel of your own first car. If 100 of the world’s best dressed men gathered, the majority would surely be wearing custom-made suits and shirts. Bespoke historically has been the common language of Men of Style- from the royals to dandies, from movie stars to the rich there has always been a dialogue between a man and his tailor and it’s no different today.

In ascending the fashion ladder, Gentlemen who aspire to reach the height of luxury and elegance will eventually arrive to the highest level of personal dressing after crossing the paths of mass-production. Eventually, having a master-tailor minister to every fashion whim is very seductive.

You will walk with confidence knowing the clothes you are wearing were made just for you, with all of the details you always wanted but could never find in any off-the-rack selection. Others will see the difference right away, but more importantly, so will you.

Take advantage of our September Special Offer and get stylish tailor-made items at the very special price!

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