Gift in Style

Freedom of choice is what Sartorial Gift Certificate is all about. An amazing idea to present that very special person what they desire the most, it is a perfect gift solution for any occasion.

No need to play a guessing game about preferred fashions, colors or styles: Sartorial Gift Certificate puts the freedom of choice into the user’s hands allowing them to pick what they personally want, be that tailor-made garments or items of Ready-to-Wear collections or elegant accessories.

Sartorial Gift certificates are all about making shopping experience enjoyable and convenient. They are available in any number of your choice. You choose and set the value of the Gift Certificate, and let the recipients make their own choice. If the purchase amount exceeds the Gift Certificate set value, the recipients may just pay the difference in price.

Sartorial Gift Certificates are nicely designed and elegantly packed.

Available at Sartorial salons.

Gift certificate