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To appreciate fine Italian tailoring is not to notice it at all. Following the contours of the body with exacting precision, the best Italian garments allow you to move freely and comfortably. The only thing that might make you feel uncomfortable will be all the eyes on you. “Italian tailoring is about making you look good,”- Italian tailors like to say.

Custom-made clothes are one of the best investments that a stylish man – or a man who wants to improve his style – can make. Custom Italian suits, shirts, coats and shoes will give you the classic style you’re looking for, the perfect fit every single time because you’ll be working with a skilled tailor, and the best materials in the world.

Sartorial invites you to appreciate the fine art of individual tailoring, as we offer the largest choice of options available in a tailored suit, shirt, jacket, coat and shoes as well. Sartorial works with famous world brands such as CASTANGIA, LUIGI BIANCHI MANTOVA, MORESCHI, DOLCE PUNTA and others, known for painstaking hand-work and unparalleled craftsmanship resulting in an impeccable cut, finely crafted construction and attention to detail – the final result is perfect tailoring and an extraordinary fit.


    Castangia suit is made for the gentleman who understands that the way he dresses is an expression of his personal style and taste. It is a suit made in Italian style: distinctive in its appearance, defined by its sleek, stylish silhouette and dedicated to achieving perfection- rendering it the envy of the menswear community. When it comes to the details—soft shoulders with a slight roll, handset sleeves and linings, handmade buttonholes—Castangia suit has them all, and more. The most flattering aspect of a Castangia suit is the shoulder seam, which is pitched toward the back to give the wearer the appearance of broader shoulders. Castangia suits are made from the finest fabrics available: ultra-fine, lightweight Merino wool blended with silk and cashmere. The quality of the materials means that the drape of the jacket is beautiful, engulfing the wearer in luxury fit.


    Each and every Luigi Bianchi Mantova suit is made using traditional tailoring processes combined with modern technology resulting in an impeccable fit, finely crafted construction and attention to detail. Luxury itself has been redefined with each and every detail that completes a suit being finely accentuated – special attention has been paid to details such as contrast linings, pipings and hand stitches wherever possible. Lubiam suit is a garment of unsurpassable elegance. Every proportion, every detail, and stitch creates an impeccable image. This is a suit in perfect union with its owner’s body.


    Treat yourself with the very best luxury shirts from Castangia. Castangia shirts are specifically tailored for you considering your measures and the shape of your body. As a result, they fit perfectly. You can enjoy the pleasure of creating your own Castangia shirts from an almost unlimited choice of fantastic quality fabrics, a choice of fronts, backs, pockets and an exclusively wide choice of over 30 different types of collars & cuffs.
    The immaculate fit and modeling aside, it is the miniature details that bring out the exquisiteness of Castangia shirts. Additional pockets, a peculiar collar shape, an embroidered personal initials will add a unique and highly personal touch to your garment.


    Sartorial shirts are created to match your individual measures and constitutional peculiarities. Certain details of tailoring simply cannot be achieved with ready-to-wear apparel: armholes are smaller in size and get set a little higher for further freedom of movements, the collar, sleeves and the broadness of the shirt are cut individually in precise accordance with the customer's build and their personal preferences. Sartorial shirt fits you perfectly complimenting your figure like no ready-to-wear garment ever would. It is specially designed to facilitate your every move. The sleeve length is just ideal, and your shirt will never stick out of your pants while you are sitting or leaning down. This is the shirt that harmonizes perfectly with your body.


    Since 1958 Venetian brand Guiducci has been reviving the ancient art of shirt manufacturing. A long history rich of tailoring experience and fashion represents artisan taste for details, handicraft care and use of advanced technologies. Guiducci shirts have it all: sleeves have the right length, collars have the right size, no baggy appearance around the waist and shoulders fit perfectly. With Guiducci shirts customers can not only choose the fabric, but also collar style, cuffs and pearl buttons to make the design more personal. Guiducci shirts are made of the natural fabrics with an incredibly pleasant feel: cotton, linen and silk. Light and soft, the shirts will provide unbelievable comfort during long office day.


    A must for the winter season, Overcoats are important garments that complete and complement your wardrobe. A perfectly tailored overcoat enhances your total look and adds to your dress a touch of class. Refined and elegant Castangia overcoats are made from precious noble fibers such as pure cashmere or wool-cashmere blends. Castangia offers wide selection of sample coats to help clients determine their preference in the coats fine details. Castangia custom overcoats come in many styles including traditional full length (mid-calf), 3/4 three quarter (above knee), or pea coat length (mid-thigh), and many more styles. Additional jacket features: functional cuff buttonholes, buttonhole thread color, hand pick-stitching on lapels and pocket, and optional wool belt.


    The trouser is the most important part of the outfit. Many a time, the suit jacket or sport coat sits on a hanger during the day while the trouser takes the brunt of the wear and tear. It is for this reason that Castangia places an extreme emphasis on the construction of the trouser. Castangia offers large collection of fabrics specifically intended for trousers in both dress and casual styles. It includes wools, corduroys, cottons, linens, flannels, and tweeds amongst many other fine fabrics. Every detail of the trouser can be customized to fit customer’s taste. Castangia trousers can be made with or without pleats. Many styles of pockets are available, where men can carry the little necessities of life — keys, wallets, cell phones, and so on. Customer can also choose to include side tabs and button flys to complete the look of his custom trouser.


    If you want to have your very own pair of trousers with the perfect fit, famous Italian brand Lubiam is just for you. The perfect pair of custom Lubiam trousers follows the natural shape of a man’s body: widest at the waist, tapering all the way to the ankles, with no excess fabric hanging loose or billowing. At the same time, trousers are loose enough to allow for movement, and never wrinkle or bunch around the thighs. Well fitted Lubiam trousers rest comfortably above the hips and will never slide off the body on its own, even without a belt or suspenders. For custom trousers Lubiam offers rich collection of woven wool and woolen blends, the noble fabric which is comfortable and durable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


    There is no tie more exclusive than one made to your own specifications. If you wear a custom suit and a custom shirt, you should try custom tie, too. Dolcepunta offers its clients to personalize every element, from blade width and length to the fabric and even the weight of the inner linings. Dolcepunta allows you to request a specific lining, fabric, and width, and offers hundreds fabric swatches to choose from. While custom neckties are highly recommended for those who are difficult to fit, girth and height are not the only reasons for choosing the custom route. While fabric selection and choice of details should take priority, the third reason a man buys a custom tie is because of its desired size. All in all, Dolcepunta custom tie is a matter of personal expression, not fashion.

  • Moreschi

    Moreschi is one of Italy’s premier shoe manufacturers with more than 50 years of craftsmanship experience. A passion for footwear and production lines that are truly 'Made in Italy,' combined with scrupulous care and craftsmanship transforms highly-prized materials into unique creations with a classic spirit and elegance. Every Moreschi shoe is handcrafted by Italian master crafters and feature pristine Italian leather. Each pair is one-of-a-kind: a combination of handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. It is perfectly Italian shoes, with Moreschi unique character and great attention to every detail.

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