The impeccable fit for ultimate comfort

To appreciate fine Italian tailoring is not to notice it at all. Following the contours of the body with exacting precision, the best Italian garments allow you to move freely and comfortably. The only thing that might make you feel uncomfortable will be all the eyes on you. “Italian tailoring is about making you look good,”- Italian tailors like to say.

Custom-made clothes are one of the best investments that a stylish man – or a man who wants to improve his style – can make. Custom Italian suits, shirts, coats and shoes will give you the classic style you’re looking for, the perfect fit every single time because you’ll be working with a skilled tailor, and the best materials in the world.

Sartorial invites you to appreciate the fine art of individual tailoring, as we offer the largest choice of options available in a tailored suit, shirt, jacket, coat and shoes as well. Sartorial works with famous world brands such as CASTANGIA, LUIGI BIANCHI MANTOVA, MORESCHI, DOLCE PUNTA and others, known for painstaking hand-work and unparalleled craftsmanship resulting in an impeccable cut, finely crafted construction and attention to detail – the final result is perfect tailoring and an extraordinary fit.